Morning Debriefing 3/19/12

1) How to End A Date In 30 Seconds Or Less. It’s educational and funny, so watch.

Get More: MTV Shows

2) Tonight on late night:
Dana Gould on Conan (TBS 11PM)
Geoff Tate
on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS 12:35AM)
Jeffrey Tambor on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM)

3) Nick Turner got “Harry Nilson’d” on the latest episode of King Temp.

4) Hey America! Catch Rob Delaney touring around you!

5) Here’s a small snippet of why you should listen to James Adomian on any podcast.

6) So there’s a Women vs. Doug Stanhope Twitter account…

7) Don’t forget the Fancy and Enchanting: Benefit for Leukemia & Lymphoma is tomorrow night. Great line-up. Great cause.

8) If you had faith in the American movie going masses, there’s this Rotten Tomatoes chart



I like this because it sums up the predicament faced by anyone who creates anything.

9) The San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival Kickstarter: $3,233 of $5,000.

10) I’m not the only one writing comedy while Adagio for Strings is playing, am I?

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