Morning Debriefing 3/19/11

1) Yesterday marks the last day of Morgan Murphy’s (@morgan_murphy) stint on at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and her gradual return to the West Coast.  Be on the look out, but I’m sure you won’t have to look too hard because she’ll probably going up everywhere and still have that hair. 

2) Take your star map, if you still have it, and go burn it.  THEN, watch Bill Burr’s tour of Los Angeles.  You still see most of the same stuff, but the jokes are actually done by a highly regarded, paid professional.

3) Check out the new trailer for the Comedy Central Pilot: Set List.  Basically, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” for stand up comedy featuring Carlos Alazraqui, Eddie Pepitone, Laurie Kilmartin, Sean Green, Chris Fairbanks, and more!!!

4) The Comedy Bureau hasn’t determined who the Tip of the Hat is going to today, but assuredly, it is going to someone.  I’m sure all of you are on the edge of you seats.

4) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL
It’s a Long Way Down @ 11417 Culver Blvd. 7:30PM FREE 
The Anytime Show w/Dominic Dierkes @ Smodcastle 8PM $8
Jimmy Dore @ Flappers Claremont 8PM/10PM $15/2 drink min.
ASSSSCAT @ UCB Theatre 8PM $10 (stand by only)
The Paul F. Tompkins 9th Anniversary Show @ Largo 8:30PM $25 sold out-though may be tickets at door
The Ed Galvez Punk House Weekend Edition @ Westside Comedy Theatre 9PM $10 
Seth & Ed’s Puppet Show @ UCB Theatre 10PM $10 (stand by only)
Magic Bag @ Smodcastle 10PM $8
Tomorrow w/Ron Lynch Presents: WEIRD! @ The Steve Allen Theater MIDNIGHT $8 
Tournament of Nerds @ UCB Theatre MIDNIGHT $5 (stand by only) 

SPOT CAFE 4455 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA/Starts 2PM/people usually give feedback at end of set
SAL’S COMEDY HOLE 7356 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA/Starts 6PM/one item min.
WESTSIDE COMEDY THEATRE 1323-A 3rd St., Santa Monica, CA (in alley between 3rd and 4th St.)/Sign-Up 6PM/Starts 6:30PM
SUNSET GRILL 7439 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA/Starts 7PM/one item min.
MARTY’S/THE OPEN MIC 7351 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA/5PM to 11PM/$5/multiple sets allowed    

6) To all those tweeting, posting, and making fun of Rebecca Black: Soundscan doesn’t differentiate whether you’re listening to her ironically or not. STOP TERRIBLE MUSIC.

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