Morning Debriefing 3/16/12

1) UK’s Telegraph journalist Allison Pearson obviously has not learned that Doug Stanhope isn’t scared by someone “investigating employers” of his because they were offended at something he said to them like “I just went Christian just to pray you get a fetid ovarian cyst. Let me know if it works.

2) Casa De Mi Padre, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and 21 Jump Street are all out today in theaters. Maybe, if you can afford it, check out one of these as they’re filled with a whole bunch of very funny folks.

3) Community scored some nice ratings in its return last night.

4) Day 6 at SXSW recap and Chris Gethard totally got taken by surprise by Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow.

5) Bob Odenkirk will be doing a whole live show in Portland at the Brody Theater this weekend without having set foot in the theater or really meeting any of his cast.

6) In two interviews worth your time news, David Cross chatted with Brooklyn Magazine and addressed his remarks on Chipwrecked and Jordan Brady, director of I Am Comic, got his brain picked by the Humor Code.

7) The Hollywood Fringe Festival, which is still open for registration for performing, just added the another venue to their roster.

8) See what Gallery 1988’s Is Thing On? exhibition really looks like as well as Weird Al Yankovic seeing art of himself.

9) Is there a Internet Troll/Hater Victims Support Group yet? I feel like that should be a thing.

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