Morning Debriefing 2/8/12

1) Did you know that Matt Walsh’s directorial debut, High Road, with a cavalcade of UCB’s best, has a new trailer and can be purchased from Well, now you do.

2) Last night on late night, Jon Glaser makes a straight up fool of himself on Fallon.

3) If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t a March Madness for comedy, then you haven’t heard about the aptly named March Comedy Madness, a single-elimination comedian tournament, that will be having open call auditions (it doesn’t cost anything to enter) this Fri. at the Comedy Store from 3PM-7PM.

4) Three great comedy Kickstarters to donate to:
The Creek and the Cave
The Los Angeles Podcast Festival
Rick Shapiro

5) Joesph Gordon Levitt will make his directorial debut in an untitled comedy with Scarlett Johannson, which, from the sound of it, sounds like the exact opposite of 500 Days of Summer.

6) Did you know that Mel Brooks and Neil Simon used to write for Sid Caesar? You know who comedian Sid Caesar is right? How about Neil Simon? Mel Brooks? Anything? Why aren’t you answering us? There’s a DVD called Caesar’s Writers where you can learn all about it.

7) …and now for some invaluable life advice from Ron Swanson

8) The LA Times broke down the shift in what the comedy category at the Grammys has become.

9) Of course, Jimmy Kimmel would challenge America to unplug their TV at a crucial moment during the Superbowl and have a hilarious montage of it.

10) The writing duo behind the Black List hit Chewie, are rewriting the live action adaptation of the Jetsons. Yes, that was a very “industry insider” sentence.

11) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone teaches us the value of a dollar after the world ends.

12) To anyone who says, “Comedy is a dead art form.” You’re a fucking cunt-tard. No elaboration necessary.

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