Morning Debriefing 2/7/12

1) Patrice O’Neal’s Mr. P is available today. Pay your respects and laugh.

2) Last night on late night, John Roy brings it on Conan. Tonight on late nightKeegan Michael-Key from Key & Peele will be on Conan (TBS 11PM) and Jon Glaser from Delocated on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM).

3) Who care what you think of Madonna at the Superbowl? Billy Eichner loves her and that’s good enough.

4) Lindsay Ames and Ron Babcock demonstrate How to End a Date in 30 Seconds for MTV!

5) Cameos to watch for, Kristen Wiig will be on Portlandia as a catnapper this Friday (IFC 10PM) and Louis CK will be on Parks and Recreation next Thurs. (NBC 8:30PM)

6) To help get through his cancer treatment, Miles Austrevich is looking for jokes to laugh at…

7) Rob O’Reilly also released his album today “Don’t Sioux Me”!

8) We can’t wait for Nick Turner’s web series, King Temp, coming out next week.

9) The 9th episode of This Better Be Funny is an exercise in futility in trying to not seem not creepy with three guys including guest Jerry Brandt, co-host of the Drinking Buddies, sitting on a bench in Downtown Burbank shouting obscenities and making mulatto not seem like a racist term anymore.

10) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone shows us how we should all eat ravioli out of a can in a break room.

11) So from what I can gather, comedy has collectively said that you can’t have a sincere opinion on Lana Del Rey.

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