Morning Debriefing 2/3/12

1) The biggest Tenacious D news since Pick of Destiny tanked (which they address): RISE OF THE FENIX, the new Tenacious D album, to come out in May!

2) It’s very hard to not think of the following news item this way, but we wish we could: Chris Rock is writing a romance with Melissa McCarthy in mind that will begin to undo the damage Tyler Perry has done.

3) LA might just have it’s own podcast festival with WTF, Never Not Funny, the Dork Forest, and more (off of donations to their Kickstarter), which hopefully we’ll cure a few very specific agoraphobics that love listening to comedy podcasts, but hate going outside.

4) Last night on late night late night, Jenny Slate creeped Conan out with her Marcel, the Shell with Shoes voice. Tonight, Key & Peele are on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC 1:35AM)

5) Politico calls out Joe Mande for “trolling” politicians on Twitter.

6) Ken Leung and Tig Notaro joins Sarah Silverman’s pilot for NBC!

7) Win a trip to the South Beach Comedy Festival. You wanna go to the South Beach Comedy Festival to see comedy, right?

8) “Dana Gould’s Day” continues as he has just joined Tumblr.

9) Riot LA has 7 hours to go and has raised $21,677 of $20,000. One last push?

10) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone manages to top himself in being creepy.

11) I wonder if other people at other occupations that are not comedy waste people’s time at meetings talking about metaphors for how weird their occupation is like shitty comedians do when they’re wasting time at open mics.

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