Morning Debriefing 2/25/12

1) Anyone think that Sacha Baron Cohen did Hugo just to re-establish enough good will with Hollywood so he could get to pull off his Dictator stunt at the Oscars?

2) Once again, let us not forget the nod to “indie film”, so to speak, with the Spirit Awards tonight airing at 10PM ET/PT on IFC. You can have your choice of the live host Seth Rogen or Chris Gethard live chatting while watching for laughs.

3) Woody Allen has set a release date for his next film Nero Fiddled this summer. Let us hope that he keeps the comedies coming.

4) Todd Barry proposes to a Russian prostitute while Eugene Mirman and Amy Schumer egg them on in an episode of Delocated. We’ve said enough, just watch it already.

5) In comedy opportunities news, YouTube sensation Destorm is looking for funny people, ages 18-25, that can take or give advice in regards to self-improvement for a show he’s doing on YouTube. E-mail with picture, if interested. There’s no pay, but you’ll be fed and get exposure to Destorm’s big following. Also, Cleft Clips (the folks responsible for the Super Serious Show, Sad People Talking, and the Plop List) are looking for a kick-ass social media savvy intern.

6) Would anyone be interested in helping make an entire gallery show of Fake Criterions happen?

7) Bill Pullman to play president in the NBC-Josh Gad/Jason Winer/Jon Lovett comedy pilot. Cue at least a million Independence Day jokes on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

8) Will Weldon highlighted the most famous atheist athletes and why it’s a lackluster list.

9) Dave Ross “guest-concocted” his own conversation about a disturbing Christmas light decoration at Ron Babcock’s Concocted Conversations.

10) JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT, Kenny Powers and Eastbound and Down is back in town and he’s got a new mothefuckin’ shoe for K-Swiss, BLADES.

11) Comedy is at a point where doing puns with conviction is more edgy than making a rape joke.

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