Morning Debriefing 2/24/12

1) Jim Gaffigan HAS SET A DATE for Mr. Universe! (meaning his next comedy special coming out Apr. 18th for $5 download, not a weird wedding for you pun-inclined folks)

2) Bill Maher did his special online last night AND gave Obama a cool mil for his re-election campaign. That’s pretty much a normal Bill Maher thing to do, right?

3) In industry happenings, Archer is renewed yet again on FX and Bob Odenkirk’s pilot “Let’s Do This” is soon to air on Adult Swim.

4) Recently on late night-ish TV, Paul Rudd revisited childhood candy on the Daily Show (and will also be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon NBC 12:35AM tonight), The Whitest Kids U Know’s Trevor Moore peddled useless junk to people at the Promenade on Leno, Garfunkel and Oates dropped an f bomb or two while singing about go-karts on Attack of the Show, and JC Coccoli explicated on the thinking behind Sarah Palin’s team about the upcoming Sarah Palin film on Keith Olbermann.

5) Wanderlust is out in theaters today. Maybe, you should go see it?

6) Todd Glass got Rory Scovel to interrupt his interview following his panel interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back stage at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

7) @SteveCarell is now a thing.

8) The Creek and the Cave only has five days left to finish raising their Kickstarter!

10) Based off this video of his Dictator character calling out the Academy, Sacha Baron Cohen needs to live chat/tweet/something throughout the Oscars as Admiral General Aladeen.

11) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone explores REALLY alternate weight-loss methods.

12) If I actually did host/run all the shows/open mics that Google Calendar says I do, people should fear my literal omnipresence a whole bunch more.

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