Morning Debriefing 2/2/11

1) Congrats to Moshe Kasher (@moshekasher) becoming the newest paid regular at the Comedy Store and consequently have his name painted on the outer walls of the Comedy Store for me to stare at while just “hanging out”. 

2) If you still think in terms of “what’s the good thing that I can do today to fill me quota of being a good person?” Here’s a way to not worry about that for a while and SIMULTANEOUSLY seeing some f’n fantastic comedy (I wouldn’t be telling you about these shows this early if I didn’t think they were going to sell out or be packed to the gills).
The West Memphis Three Benefit Show w/Oswalt, Silverman, and Tompkins @ Largo Mon. Feb. 21st 8PM $40
WELCOME TO HOLLYWEIRD: A Night of Laughs Benefitting Inner-City Arts @ The Hollywood Improv Wed. Feb 23rd 8PM $15/2 item min.

3) It’s one of those “been preachin’ to the choir” moments: “…the answer is that playing to the audience rather than playing to your own instincts will always be a losing proposition.”- Doug Stanhope.  Here’s his essay on offensive comedy that you should really take time to read instead of just repost (you do have to register w/site, but its free).

4) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL-You should feel lucky for both the weather and this….
Just for Laughs Showcase @ Comedy Store Belly Room 6:20 PM 2 drink min.
Maria Bamford’s Eagle Rock Singalong & Comedy Show @ Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
8PM $5 Suggested Donation
Greg Proops’ Smartest Man in the World LIVE @ Bar Lubitsch (7702 Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA) 8PM FREE
“If This Doesn’t Work, I’m Moving Home” A Variety Hour @ Harlem Place Cafe 8PM FREE
Meltdown @ Meltdown Comics 8:30PM $8
Comedy Down Under @ The Basement Lounge 9PM $5
The Ed Galvez Punk House @ Westside Comedy Theatre 9PM $8
Beer in the Shower Presents: Just for Laughs Showcase @ Whitehorse Cocktail Lounge Inn 9:30PM FREE
Anna Lee Lawson Comedy Hour @ Next Stage Theatre 11PM $5 

5) OPEN MIC RUN 2/2/11 (If it is difficult to use the new Open Mic Run feature, the Comedy Bureau is currently thinking of a new model, so don’t fret)

6) Recently: the Internet is back on in Egypt, which must be a lot like what Louis CK felt like about the cutting edge of technology.

7) Ever get an applause break by the specific people that you were making fun of in the particular joke that you were telling only leave you to with most bittersweet moment you’ve ever had? Anybody? OK….

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