Morning Debriefing 2/18/12

1) For those in the know, Mash-Up has been officially green-lit by Comedy Central. For those not in the know, one of the most exciting stand-up series in a while hosted by TJ Miller featuring anyone from Matt Braunger to Kyle Kinane to Hannibal Buress and more has just been given the go-ahead. 

2) Liezl Estipona is delving into a Vol. 2 of Liezl Was Here: Adventures in Comedy Photography…

3) Ricky Gervais gave a better idea of how mean “Life’s Too Short” is going to be on Fallon.

4) Watch Jeffrey Tambor think that he’s doing an Arrested Development movie and not get through his sleep apnea story on Ferguson.

5) Want more details on the upcoming Monty Python film Absolutely Anything? Of course you do.

6) Here’s a brief clip from an upcoming album from Katie Crown and subsequently why we should all be happier after to listening to Crown’s stand-up.

7) All the speculation has been put to rest as the Colbert Report has stopped production due to a serious illness that has stricken Colbert’s 91-year old mother.

8) Check out yet another a lovely episode of Louie v. Rick, the cat and owner who text message each other.

9) I’m so glad that a significant portion of LA’s population was out to see comedy last night. I know this because I couldn’t sneak into several shows.

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