Morning Debriefing 2/11/12

1) Though Hulu (at the time we posted this) tells you to watch Neil Brennan on Fallon, watch Neal Brennan prove humans are assholes on Fallon.

2) There was a Team Coco live show at the UCB Theatre in LA and Eddie Pepitone performed without being the heckler.

3) Did you have any idea that CMT, Country Music Television, had a stand-up competition and it has the very funny Shane Mauss and Dave Stone (Beards of Comedy) competing?

4) JFL Montreal has job opportunities!

5) While we got live comedy in LA covered, you can check out live stand-up dates around the country at Dead Frog by just typing in your zip code.

6) Study up on the comedic brilliance of Dario Russo, the person responsible for one of our favorite web series Danger 5. We’re sure that there will be a quiz on this at some point.

7) See Lizzy Cooperman as one of the Three’s Company cast on roller skates invading Suzanne Somers air time. Yes, this is real.

8) What happens when well read nymphomaniacs go on a dry spell? They create a web series like Jeremy Paul did.

9) Jim Hamilton tells his version of the “curiosity killed the cat” story, but with more of Catfish twist.

10) Davey Johnson gives Sex Ed’s “Sex Ed” on the latest What’s What.

11) I just recorded a podcast in a Denny’s. That’ll definitely be one of those moments in my comedy career.

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