Morning Debriefing 1/9/12

1) “FOX FORGES NEW UNIT TO CREATE ALTERNATIVE ANIMATED CONTENT” and many are interested in how this move is such a blatant copy of the development, production, and programming of Adult Swim. Well, we say, good for Fox because we like what Adult Swim is doing.

2) According to Megan Mullally, the Party Down movie is really happening. Your move Arrested Development.

3) Tonight, the late night talk show circuit will feature Seth Green and David Cross on Conan (TBS 11PM) and, this should be really interesting, George Lucas on The Daily Show (Comedy Central 11PM). If only there was a talk show crossover where Green and Lucas debate the fate of the Star Wars franchise in stop motion animation form.

4) Welcome your new favorite podcast that’s barely over 8 minutes long: The Songs We Sing from Greg Heller and Mike Henry

5) The finale of the absurdly brilliant Tommy-Wi Show is here and has a cliff-hanger (with guest iJustine) that doesn’t have to do with TW being stuck on a Start Menu. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

6) The Shorty Awards, awards exclusively for Twitter, are open for nominations. FYI, they do not accept #FF as votes..

7) BuzzFeed names 10 Hilarious Comedians You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of and while we certainly have heard of every one of these indeed very funny people, we understand that there are several people that still know Patton Oswalt from Ratatouille before his stand-up, so check it out. 

9) Speaking of Patton Oswalt, want to see his tweets done up Star Wars style? Wait, did you think we’re kidding? Follow @PattonOswars and see exactly what we’re talking about.

10) On today’s Puddin’, keep Redi-whip away from Eddie Pepitone.

11) As Pabst Blue Ribbon and Dunkin’ Donuts are both coming to LA, there will be a whole new set of references that plenty of comics will use to bash hipsters that are completely baseless.

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