Morning Debriefing 1/7/12

1) The wildly popular comedy podcast that first rose to prominence as Comedy Death Ray, Comedy Bang Bangis now going to be a show on IFC and now the world will know of its hilarity. (Hopefully, “the world” will be bigger than that of cable and Internet users that don’t generally watch comedy).

2) F’yeah! Eastbound and Down just dropped their promo for Season 3.

3) David Cross wore a giant sweatshirt on Kimmel (Parts One and Two).

4) Somewhat in the same vein, Andre Hyland, AKA Jesse Miller, eats old pizza on Channel 9 in Cincinnati

5) LA Weekly made one of the most solid comedy lists we’ve seen in the last several months with their 10 Comedy Acts to Watch in 2012 because some of the “most-in-the-know” people were consulted on it including us. Speaking of which, please take a look at our exhaustive list that basically tells you what comedy was in 2011.

6) Good job by the Oscars having Funny or Die help them with their first promo. It definitely works for us.

7) Alright, here’s a whole situation that we wished dearly didn’t happen:
Patton Oswalt lashed out an audience member who was taping him from center 2nd row last Thursday at the Palace Restaurant consequently walking her and her two friends from the show that they just stopped into to see him.
-Upset at the degree of lashing out that occurred even after the audience member had left, comedienne Barbara Gray felt compelled to write about the event on her blog setting many in the comedy blogosphere to task writing about the virtue of not taping comedians working on material to make a living.
-Luckily, thankfully, and several other affirmative adverbs, Patton Oswalt wrote his own explanation and WILL continue to perform at the Palace Restaurant and other small venues “when he can”.
Barbara Gray will continue to do stand-up, like she did wonderfully at last night’s 50 First Jokes, because being “blackballed” for writing something like that would be incredibly petty and unnecessary, especially for how talented (as Oswalt has said about her) she is.

9) So, Patton Oswalt, after his critically acclaimed Finest Hour, is already working on another album and Barbara Gray is going on tour. These are two things to definitely both be happy about and to watch for.

10) Another thing to be happy about: Riot LA’s Alternative Comedy Festival Total on Kickstarter: $6,879 of $20,000 with 27 days to go. 

11) ABC ran a story on Angelo Bowers and Josh Adam Meyers. It’s great to see that Angelo will be remembered on the LA local news. Maybe people in Cleveland will remember…

Herman Melville: A Whale of an Evening @ Hollywood Improv Lab Sun. Jan 15th 8PM $5
Portlandia @ Echoplex Mon. Jan 16th 8:30PM 

Harland Williams @ Irvine Improv 7PM/9PM $22/2 item min.
Fargo & Big Lebowski Drink Along @ Downtown Independent Theater 7PM $10
Hutch’s Comedy BBQ & Laughs @ Hutch’s Barbecue 8PM FREE
Laurie Kilmartin @ Flappers Claremont 8PM/10PM $15
Two-Headed Beast: A Storytelling Show @ Stories, Books, & Cafe 8PM FREE
The Thrilling Adventure Hour @ Largo at the Coronet Theatre 8:30PM $25 (stand by only)
Magic Bag @ Underground Annex Theater 10PM $5
The Midnight Show w/TJ Miller @ UCB Theatre MIDNIGHT $5 (stand by only)
The Tomorrow Show @ Steve Allen Theater MIDNIGHT $8 

SPOT CAFE 4455 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA/Starts 2PM/feedback given at end
ICE HOUSE 24 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena, CA/Starts 4PM/Sign-up is lottery/No purchase necessary
MARTY’S/THE OPEN MIC 7351 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA/5PM to 11PM/$5 min./multiple sets allowed/coffee & water provided
THE DAILY GRIND 109 E. Union St., Pasadena, CA/Starts 5PM/5 min./No purchase necessary
WESTSIDE COMEDY THEATER 1323-A 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, CA (in alley between 3rd and 4th St.)/Sign-up (lottery) 6PM/Starts 6:30PM/no purchase necessary/4 min. 
SUNSET GRILL 7439 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA/Starts 7PM/one item min.
FLAPPERS BAR 102 E. Magnolia Ave., Burbank, CA/Sign-up 10PM/Starts MIDNIGHT/lottery  

15) One of the more uplifting things I’ve heard while going to an independently produced comedy show in 2012 thus far: As walking to a show, a man walking beside me turned and asked, “Do you have tickets to the show?” Surprised that strangers want to talk to me, I responded, “Yes.” Then, he said, “Do you have an extra ticket for me?” Random strangers want to see comedy. IT’S WORKING!!!

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