Morning Debriefing 1/6/12

1) It’s just one those “drop everything you’re doing and watch this and forget about whether it’s fake or not” type of things: PLEASE WATCH Harrison Ford watching himself as Indiana Jones because he’s “never” done that before.

2) There have been many benefits for the recovering Josh Adam Meyers and late Angelo Bowers that have been popping up around LA. The Hollywood Improv is dedicating next week’s Comedy Juice, one of their stalwart main room shows, to both Josh and Angelo with Marc Maron, Harland Williams, and more. All sales will be donated. Also, Scott Boxenbaum’s PayPal link for donations has a new web address at and stories, notes, etc. are being collected For Angelo’s mother. Lastly, do yourself a big favor and remember Angelo the best way possible by following on Twitter @AngeloJokes.

3) As the presidential candidates fall one by one, Funny or Die has thankfully partnered up with Yahoo to preserve their memory in hilarious parody debate form.

4) Unlike the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Writers’ Guild of America knows that comedies (as well as which ones) were pretty great in 2011.

5) LA JFL Montreal Showcase Schedule! Get ya LA JFL Montreal Showcase Schedule!

6) Totals for Riot-LA’s Alternative Comedy Festival after launching on Tuesday: $6,556. This is really happening and we couldn’t be happier. (Note: Total is probably higher when you’re reading this.)

7) According to these promos, Fox’s Bob’s Burgers and Adult Swim’s Delocated are coming back soon. That’s almost enough promos to loop on YouTube and watch over and over until their season premieres air. Also, NBC’s Community WILL BE coming back.

8) Pictures in the life of comedy that you will see posted everywhere on the Internet today: Bill Cosby sitting by himself amongst rows of seats with his face on it and Dan Harmon cleverly and hilariously channelling his rage.

9) Kate Micucci’s “Walking in Los Angeles” gets a wondrous music video.

Dead Authors @ UCB Theatre 6:30PM $5
50 First Jokes LA @ Downtown Independent Theater 7PM $10 (stand by only)
Harland Williams @ Irvine Improv 8PM/10PM $22/2 item min.
Set List @ UCB Theatre 8PM $10
Eddie Pepitone @ Hollywood Improv 8PM $18/2 item min.
The 12 Shiny Nickels Show @ Hollywood Improv Lab 8:30PM $10
Really F*cking Great @ Fanatic Salon 9PM $10 

SET LIST @ FLAPPERS BAR 102 E. Magnolia, Burbank, CA/Sign-up 5PM/Starts 5:30PM/given “set list” of topics to do jokes off of/first come, first served/no purchase necessary
SILVERLAKE LOUNGE 2906 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake)/Sign-up (lottery) 6:30PM/Starts 7PM/4 min./no purchase necessary
SUNSET GRILL 7439 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA/Starts 7PM/one item min.
MAX BLOOM’S 200 N. Malden Ave., Fullerton, CA/Starts 7PM/booked show after/no purchase necessary
HOLLYWOOD HOTEL 1160 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA/Sign-up 6PM/Starts 7PM/5 min./first come, first served/one drink min.
GLENDALE DAYS INN 450 N. Pioneer Dr., Glendale, CA/Sign-up 7PM/Starts 8PM/No foul language/No purchase necessary/first come, first served   
MARTY’S/THE OPEN MIC 7351 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA (walk up Martel, past Big Mama’s and Papa’s)/5PM to 11PM/$5 min./multiple sets allowed/first come, first served/coffee and bottled water available  
HOLLYWOOD HOTEL 1160 N. Vermont Ave., Hollywood, CA/Sign-up 11PM/Starts MIDNIGHT/5 min./first come, first served/one drink min.
FLAPPERS BAR 102 E. Magnolia Ave., Burbank, CA/Sign-up 10PM/Starts MIDNIGHT/lottery  

12) For future reference to any idiot making a Worst Comedians of [insert a period of time], anyone who has made groups of people laugh on a regular basis is not anywhere close to being the worst comedian.

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