Morning Debriefing 1/28/12

1) So, it’s official. Riot LA reached their goal and LA will have a comedy festival worthy of the city’s amazing comedy later this year. If you’re still feeling generous, they are still taking donations until Fri. Feb. 3rd 9:30PM PST.

2) Bobcat Goldthwait has shown how dark a comedy in go with every movie he makes, and, from the trailer, his latest film, God Bless America, is certainly no exception.

3) Now the world knows what we’ve been having to keep mum about since last year, The Eric Andre Show will be on Adult Swim with co-host Hannibal Buress.

4) John Mulaney’s hour long special “New In Town” is tonight at 10PM on Comedy Central. Simply, watch.

5) The Ferris Bueller Superbowl ad teaser was just a hoax by Honda.

6) In industry news news, NBC greenlights a comedy from Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler, ABC gets three more comedy pilots, and the Charlie Kaufman meta comedy musical, Frank or Francis, adds Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens to the cast.

7) Also, the cast of Monty Python is joining forces yet again to not go to Camelot.

8) It would seem as though Us Weekly Magazine does not only understand jokes on Twitter even when Sean Green added the hashtag #nitrous.

9) This should definitely not be a Fake Criterion

Yes! (via Fake Criterions)

10) Davey Johnson, apparently, at least in this What’s What, has just drank an entire cup of Jack Daniels for the first time.

11) As a comedian, some times, it must be a horrible realization that you will have to make people laugh that religiously read Us Weekly, non-ironically.

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