Morning Debriefing 1/25/12

1) Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock touring together is still just as much a rumor as it was last year.

2) Tonight on late night, John Mulaney stops by Conan (TBS 11PM) to no doubt promote New in Town, his 1-hour special for Comedy Central that we’ll all be watching next week.

3) TJ Miller responds on Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird to Dane Cook’s response on Joe Rogan’s podcast to his response on Twitter about his set at the Laugh Factory last Wednesday.

4) A live interview with Rick Shapiro at Cafe Muse where we find out he’s in Project X and how he currently can’t release his special? YES.

5) The new Humblebrag rankings are out!

6) Riot LA’s Abbey Londer got interviewed by Serial Optimist, has new videos with Matt Braunger and Dana Gould & Patton Oswalt, and only has less than $2,500 to raise for their Kickstarter with 9 days to go. It’s really all happening. (Can you tell that we’re excited?)

7) Joel McHale and Zooey Deschanel throw their, most likely, really cool hats in the awards hosting ring with the WGA Awards.

8) Of course, what Patton Oswalt would do in lieu of being snubbed by the Oscars is way more interesting than the actual Oscars.

9) On today’s Puddin’, learn from Eddie Pepitone, the pick-up artist.

10) Last night, we saw Josh Adam Meyers perform a short set at Performance Anxiety and not only is he recovering after the tragic car accident quite well, he’s still quite damn funny. 

11) Finally, Starbucks is going to make good on their announcement of selling beer and wine at limited locations in LA. Hopefully, they’ll be prepared to have comics asking them to have an open mic.

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