Morning Debriefing 1/25/11

1) If you did not catch wind of this yesterday, please read: Study: Family History of Alcoholism Raises Risk of One-Man Show.  I mean “…Risk of One-Man Show”.  Tell me you didn’t almost bust your head on the floor laughing at that one… because it’s true.

2) Garfunkel and Oates in LA Times.  Why wouldn’t you read this?

3) EVEN MORE UPDATES to the Montreal Just for Laughs Showcase Schedule because I love all of you (…I got nothing else, you know?)

4) So…. of course you can’t take a joke? Many of us saw Jon Daly’s funny take on the incarnation that Charles Bukowski would take were he “Frankensteined” with comedy legend Bill Cosby into Bill Cosby Bukowski.  Of course, poets, as some of them like remaining on a pedestal of intellectualism, which you can hide behind on stage (I should know as I’ve done plenty of spoken word before), cannot take a joke/don’t understand the art form of comedy.

5) OK, where would you celebrate the 100th day of the Comedy Bureau? Really, I’m not sure.  Suggestions? (i.e. where would all of you folks have a drink with me)

6) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL-clone yourself
The Good Luck Show @ Good Luck Bar 8PM FREE
Just for Laughs Showcase @ 3 of Clubs 8PM FREE
Patrick Keane @ Irvine Improv 8PM $20/2 item min.
Comedy Death Ray @ UCB Theatre 8:30PM $5 (stand-by only at 7PM)
Hamclown 3 @ Alexandria Hotel-The Mezz (2nd Floor) 8:30PM FREE
The Walsh Brothers Show @ UCB Theatre 11PM $5 

7) OPEN MIC RUN-*updated*

8) Recently: there is much excitement for the State of the Union Address at 6PM, as some people intend to play a drinking game.  Here’s a speech you don’t have to fret/worry/feel like you have to sit through so you don’t feel uninformed: Steve Martin’s Mark Twain Prize Acceptance Speech

9) Anyone taking odds on what the most overdone Oscar joke premise will be?  I feel like this would be a money making venture.

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