Morning Debriefing 12/24/11

1) The Nerdist’s Year in Review airs tonight on BBCA 9PM. Another example of how pretty much anything that happens from Dec. 26th to Dec. 31st is pretty much inconsequential.

2) The Chris Gethard Show sends their holiday greetings the way any comedian would truly send out such a thing (i.e. panicking while trying to go caroling in the NYC subway)

3) We got to make a semi-snarky list of Christmas comedy for the Nerdist. We make up for the snark by spreading funny Christmas things that should be better known to all.

4) We’re still on this Hitchens’ non-sense about women not being funny because they don’t have to be? Oh, a lot of people don’t think it’s non-sense? The most frustrating thing about Hitchens’ argument about women not being funny is that it serves no real purpose other than to infuriate and have the makings for an affirmative action landscape in comedy. How about we find out we just find out what makes funny people funny vs. what doesn’t and try to keep the qualifiers to just being funny? That way, we can figure out how this “parody thing” from Denis Leary came to be.

5) Let us not forget that TBS’ 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts tonight at 8PM because, believe it or not, just like some kids have no idea who John Lennon is, some kids have never seen A Christmas Story.

6) Yes!!! Someone started meme-ing Thomas Kinkade!!! [via the Comedy Hipster]

Guys With Feelings LIVE @ Comedy Central Stages Feb. 2nd 8PM FREE

8) As we’ve announced more than a few times, we’re assuming there are no active open mics in the LA area today or tomorrow for comedians. If that’s incorrect, please e-mail us at

9) Nearly all the venues that regularly have comedy in LA have closed their doors for the next two days. However, if you need a fix tonight, the Comedy Store (Original Room 9PM $15/2 item min.) and the Laugh Factory (8PM/10PM $20-$30/2 drink min.) both have live comedy featuring Ian Edwards, Jeff Garlin, and more.

10) Our good friend Jeremy Paul has made it known that while Christmas jokes abound, no one seems to make any bits of humor on Sol Invictus. Also, there are no Krampus jokes that we’ve heard, only to leave us at the inevitable reaction with such mines to be exploited comedically, “WTF?”.

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