Morning Debriefing 1/22/11

1) “Best Original Status Update”-This will be a real thing that is happening at The Facebook Awards/The Zuckers Show presented by Deskpiece Nation at iO West on Jan. 30th.  Send in submissions for Best Original Status Update and Best Adapted Status Update here.

2) 100th post is only a few days away…. and I haven’t yet picked a bar to celebrate it at.  Stay tuned for more details.

3) Soon to come to the Comedy Bureau: weekly schedules for LIVE broadcast of both TV and podcasts orderi–, I mean (cough cough), strongly recommending what you should be watching and listening to if you’re at home.

4) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL is much like a common hip hop phrase “y’all ain’t ready”
2 Milk Minimum w/Michael Rayner @ Flappers Burbank 11:30AM $10/2 item min.
Red Bar Radio LIVE! @ The Mint 8PM $20 
Test Pattern @ The Comedy Loft 8PM FREE
Comedy Extravaganza @ Brixton Southbay 8PM $12/21+ only
Beards of Comedy @ Meltdown Comics 8:30PM $10
Comedy Garage: Ski School Edition @ The Comedy Garage 9PM party/11PM show FREE
Twelve Shiny Nickels @ The Fake Gallery 11PM $5
Laugh. Drink. Repeat. @ Flappers YooHoo Room 11PM $10/2 drink min.
Tomorrow w/Ron Lynch Presents Clowns @ Steve Allen Theater MIDNIGHT $8 

6) OPEN MIC RUN-*updated*

7) Russian Spy (former?) Anna Chapman is getting her own show on Russian TV for basically going to parties and being on Facebook.  Jesse Miller (Andre Hyland) does that, as he would say, “like a rock star” and beats people at his own contests.  He needs his own show.

8) Sometimes, you just have to accept people saying, “Hey, I liked your stuff,” instead of trying to convince them otherwise.

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