Morning Debriefing 1/20/11

1) Smells like showcase season ‘round here: Jan. 30th Conan Showcase @ Comedy Store, Several Just for Laughs-Montreal showcases taking place next week.  Check back at the Comedy Bureau for details.

2) I only just yesterday found out that Neil Hamburger had merchandise and that included items such as this…

Find such delights from Neil here, here, and here.

3) Marc Maron’s on Conan.  After you’re done seeing him at Bar Lubitsch (details below).  You should watch this on TBS at 11PM.

4) There’s a new open mic in town: Brassy @ The Zephyr Theatre (7456 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA) 10:30PM.  Sign-up is now closed, but you should definitely check it out as it is one of the best spaces in town.

5) The Comedy Bureau is going to get an actual domain name.  How’s about that?  This is all for the specific purpose so I can give people, hopefully women, an actual URL as opposed to, “Oh yeah, ummm, just google the comedy bureau”

6) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL-All I have to say about it is: MAN OH MAN!!!
The Super Serious Show @ Smashbox Studios 8PM $10 presale/$15 at door (FREE CRAFT BEER) 
Comedy90210 @ Roxbury Cafe 8PM $5
Comedy Speakeasy w/Jamie Lee, Karl Hess, and Nick Rutherford @ TSR Lounge 8PM FREE 
Public School Show: Last Chance Saloon @ M Bar 8PM Free/$10 food-drink min.
The Josh & Josh Show @ Bar Lubitsch 8:30PM FREE
Writers’ Room w/Jimmy Pardo @ UCB Theatre 9:30PM $5
Live! at Carnegie Hall* @ Hollywood Hotel 10PM 

7) OPEN MIC RUN-*updated*

8) Currently, Snooki is one of the best selling “authors” in America.  This is a travesty and an abomination to the written word and our culture at large…. especially when there is The Turkey by Lizzy Allan Poe (Lizzy Cooperman)

9) Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes… You just have to say good night and go get a coffee and donuts at Winchell’s on Western and Melrose, then remember that you got laughs and get the 4 hours of sleep before you wrote this post.  Sometimes, that’s what you have to do.

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