Morning Debriefing 1/19/11

1) As I mentioned yesterday, THERE WILL BE an investigative report as to where are the best spots to get a laugh when you need one the most on a Saturday night.  More details here.

2) Thanks to all that came to Señor Fish for the Big Trouble in Little Tokyo Open Mic as we went until 11PM.  YES!!! WE WENT 4 HOURS!!!  Thanks to the Walsh Brothers and Greg Barris for stopping by and making the night a damn fine one.

3) Only a few more days until Sabor Comedy Lounge debuts.  

4) As news in the comedy world breaks second by second, there will now be a significant amount of more posts on the Comedy Bureau, especially through the “reblogging” feature here on Tumblr and similarly with “retweeting” on Twitter (@thecomedybureau).  Also, several “in consideration” for a “Tip of the Hat” will be retweeted throughout every day.  Thus, check both feeds frequently to know LA comedy like the Comedy Bureau does. 

5) Tonight’s COMEDY CRAWL can be only described with one word: SHO’NUFF.
Comedy Show @ M Bar 7PM FREE/$10 food/drink min.
Merrillwood Live @ The Zephyr Theatre 7:30PM $5 w/fb invite/free for comics
Meltdown @ Meltdown Comics 8:30PM $8
No Class Comedy Show @ USC 9PM FREE
Beer in the Shower @ Whitehorse Cocktail Lounge Inn 9:30PM FREE
Anna Lee Lawson Comedy Hour @ Next Stage Theatre 11PM $5 

6) OPEN MIC RUN: there’s a “route” of sorts drawn upon the Greater LA Open Mic Map that now suggests the open mics that I’ve personally been to and are now worth your time.  Updated daily, that “route” will be the open mic run.

7) To those who think that what Ricky Gervais did at the Golden Globes was unexpected (have you seen his act?) and horrid.  Understand, first, they’re jokes, and second, this is nothing new-Don Rickles on Dean Martin Roasts: Bob Hope (Rickles is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight)

8) Still, this is only the beginning, even though I’ve gone 89 days straight blogging about LA comedy. 

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