Morning Debriefing 1/16/12

Here’s Everything You Wanted to Know About the 2012 Golden Globes In Regards to Comedy But Were Too Apathetic to Click On

1) Notable Winners:
Best Screenplay-Woody Allen-Midnight in Paris 
Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture-Christopher Plummer-Beginners
Best TV Series Comedy or Musical-“Modern Family”
Best Actor on TV Series Comedy or Musical-Matt LeBlanc-“Episodes”
Best Actress on TV Series Comedy or Musical-Laura Dern-“Enlightened" 
*Also, though not a comedy, several comedians are happy Downtown Abbey won best Mini-Series.

2) Best Tweets during the 2012 Golden Globes Telecast
@EveryTweet_Ever "Except for Modern Family, they pretty much got everything wrong.”
@SeanOConnz “Is "Homeland” a show about nerds?“ 
@Gibblertron "Jessica Alba should be a professional speaker because she’s so good at using words to make sentences.”
@LouisPietzman “Third-best joke of the night: American Horror Story is nominated for Best Drama.”
@Scharpling “Fun fact: Chrisopher Plummer has murdered thirteen people in his life." 

3) Best Tweets during the 2012 Golden Globes Telecast That Weren’t Really About the Golden Globes
@BabsGray "I didn’t win any awards tonight but I did eat 10 pieces of sourdough bread for dinner. Your move, Hollywood.”
@Boopityba “I auditioned for that AT&T commercial.”
@BenKronberg “The bed is the safest and funnest place to fart, but the scariest and most dangerous place to poop.”
@AlexKoll “Audience member drinks water." 

4) As some might have expected, Ricky Gervais withheld his wrath as host to the delight of NBC brass, but that doesn’t matter because one of the best .gifs ever was made at the Golden Globes.

This concludes Everything You Wanted to Know About the 2012 Golden Globes In Regards to Comedy But Were Too Apathetic to Click On

6) The greatest joke David Copperfield ever pulled was being in Bec Benit and Nick Rutherford’s web series Theatre of Life.

7) On late night, Stephen Merchant will be on Conan (TBS 11PM) and based off his last appearance on Kimmel, it seems he’ll be possibly telling another story of debauchery possibly involving Vegas.

8) The world got to know him as the drunken rollerblading incarnation of the Tree of Life on the Critics Choice Movie Awards, but know the world will know his real name Sappity Tappity.

9) The Creek and Cave, one of the homes of independent NYC comedy, needs help via Kickstarter.

10) The next issue of RE:COM is here and aside from being a fantastic look into what’s happening in comedy right now with comedy at Occupy LA, Eddie Pepitone, Best Show on WFMU, a piece by us, and more, all of you should buy it because James Adomian graces the cover. 

11) Edna (Jamie Lee), the Norwegian vlogger, talks about her favorite stand-up comedy that is only sort of stand-up comedy.

12) Eddie Brill clears his name in regards to out-of-context quotes in recent NY Times column about him.

13) Riot LA totals for their Kickstarter: $13,299 of $20,000 with 18 days to go.

14) "Anyone dare going to get more meta by hating on the people that hate the "Shit [insert demographic] Say” trend?“-Shit Snarky Comedy Journalists Say

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