Morning Debriefing 1/14/12

1) John Mulaney was on Fallon last night. Simply put, just watch and enjoy.

2) Also last night, Josh Adam Meyers took the stage at the Downtown Comedy Club and The Comedy Store for the first time since the tragic accident involving both him and Angelo Bowers. Donations for his medical expenses are still being taken at

(via @thecomedystore)

3) ABC’s Work It was just cancelled, effective immediately. Jake Fogelnest couldn’t be happier to stop recapping something.

4) In case you’re either a) not getting excited about Key & Peele premiering on Comedy Central Tues. Jan 31st 10:30PM or b) haven’t seen any of their great sketches thus far, then now’s a perfect time to watch: Obama’s Anger Translator.

5) Did you know that Wendy Liebman is a sidekick for terrestrial radio show? Maybe we should check out 88.5FM KCSN from 6PM to 8PM tonight.

6) The Guardian wrote an interesting article regarding the prevalence of rape jokes, then claim while they have been successfully written and told, they’re no longer “terribly funny either”. The Guardian obviously has no idea who Anthony Jeselnik, Ryan Stout, or Steve Schneider are.

7) Just in case you were wondering what you were missing at the Gallery 1988 x Adult Swim show at Gallery 1988 Melrose, there’s a tribal mask of Brak from Space Ghost

8) Riot LA totals for their Kickstarter: $12,708 of $20,000 raised with 20 days to go.

9) I’m all for supporting comedians exploring the depths of any topic for material, bits, etc., testing the limits of what can and can’t be comedy, but I have yet to hear an actually funny joke about Tim Tebow. Feel free to prove me wrong by e-mailing or tweeting @thecomedybureau.

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