Morning Debriefing 1/12/12

1) A meltdown scene from a Hitler movie + Duncan Trussell redoing the subtitles as a hysterical PSA about comedians performing completely for free at SXSW = What you will be watching right now.

2) Crash Test’s Paul Scheer and Rob Hubel are hosting the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on VH1 at 8PM. With Billy Crystal back hosting the Oscars, maybe their should be an awards for awards show hosting that could have a race…

3) If you’re a comedian and dream of proposing to your significant other at a show you just killed at it, watch the hilarious Tyler Greene do exactly that at Nerdist Theater.

(via @MikeRosenstein)

4) In late night talk show news, both Dwayne Perkins & Tom Papa stay sharp on Conan while, tonight, Stephen Merchant on will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC 12AM) and his counterpart Ricky Gervais will be on Conan (TBS 11PM) and not not apologizing for something at least for 10 minutes. 

5) College Humor is going to make its first film with Ben Schwartz, Glenn Howerton, Steve Little, directed by Brad Copeland who has worked on Arrested Development. Again, we say, “Arrested Development movie rumors… your move.”

6) Articles on comedy by big time publications round-up: The NY Times reported that Eddie Brill is a comedy gatekeeper for Letterman and likes to female comedians that are assertive and Bill Cosby gets appreciated at the Paley Center while The Hollywood Reporter does a big feature piece on Funny or Die. I mean, when are they going to run a story about Twitter fights between comedians?

7) Our picks for the 5 Most Intentionally Funny Videos this week for the Nerdist feature hot dog puppets and Indiana Jones going meta, so watch please.

8) KCET keeps finding the funniest people in Los Angeles and places they love to eat with Dave Ross and Jake Weisman at the Astro Family Restaurant.

9) Riot LA totals on their Kickstarter: $11,997 of $20,000 with 22 days to go.

10) Perhaps, if comedy was promoted as a “funny people talking while people watching do not talk and just laugh”, there wouldn’t be less problems with watching live comedy. Anyone have a catchy way to say that?

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