Morning Debriefing 1/1/12

1) We vastly underestimated how long it would take make a list of 100 things, much less a list of 100 of the funniest things we were lucky enough to see last year, so please do enjoy for our sake The 100 Best Things in Comedy That We Were Witness To In No Particular Order of 2011.

2) HBO is unveiling a new comedy series today from Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High) called Angry Boys at 10PM. Hopefully, HBO will be rolling out more comedies very soon after cancelling three of them.

3) Megan Amram gives an extremely accurate prediction of what New Year’s Resolutions in the year 3012 will be like

4) The Just for Laughs Montreal showcases in LA are just around the corner…. just sayin’. More updates to come.

5) The Monday night open mic, Jake’s in Pasadena, will be shifting to Wed., starting this week. So Jan. 4th go to 38 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA at 8:30PM for sign-up and 9:30PM start/4 min./no purchase necessary. Not a bad addition for Eastside comics for 2012.

6) Once again, if you’re thinking of resolving to do stand-up as your New Year’s resolution or thinking about doing it in general, here’s a handy guide to making it more palatable (NOTE: we said more palatable, not palatable).

Sklar Brothers @ Hollywood Improv Sat. Jan. 14th 8PM/10PM $20/2 item min.
Jimmy Pardo @ Hollywood Improv Sat. Jan. 21st 8PM/10PM $20/2 item min.

Ha: Stuffed & Unstrung @ Irvine Barclay Theatre 2PM/7PM $45-$55 

SILVERLAKE LOUNGE 2906 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA/Starts 5PM/No purchase necessary  
*IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER COMEDY OPENS MICS RUNNING TODAY that wish to be listed, please e-mail us at

10) I know it is redundant, but I’d like to thank all who read, subscribe to, repost, RT, share, etc. what I post because it keeps all the work I do worth it. Also, a very special thanks to all the people that donated to the Comedy Bureau and helping sustaining our efforts. Oh, you didn’t know we took donations? Well, now you do.

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