Morning Debriefing 1/10/12

1) Tom Scharpling does it again (meaning make music videos worth watching again) with Real Estate’s “Easy” that features Chris Gethard roughing up Jake Fogelnest.

2) Last night, we found that no one will ever intro a clip on a talk show better than David Cross did on Conan. Tonight that claim will probably stay true (watch the clip to see what we’re talking about) Tina Fey will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM) and Billy Eichner will be on Conan (TBS 11PM).

3) The Bridgetown Comedy Festival is open for submissions and if you’re a comedian, you’ll want to spend your gas money for the next few days on this instead of drinks, unnecessary nostalgia, or anything else.

4) The bi-weekly stand-up show in Echo Park, Brunch at the Park Restaurant, sadly came to an end last night. Still, there are worst ways to end a show than have Sean Patton close it out.

It was a great show while it lasted… brunchcomedy:  Dear BRUNCHIES, Thank you so much for your support since we started the show on April 18, 2011. Our show grew from a small gathering of comedians supporting another comedy show to a real thriving comedy scene, with drop ins from Hannibal Burress to the Sklar Brothers and even Nick Kroll.  As my first self produced from the ground up comedy show, this show was very special to me. It was a place I could give the performers I loved a space to hone their craft.  Each show was unique, each show had its own flavor, and each show was an experience Ill remember forever.  If you were at tonights BRUNCH, you know that tonight was the last BRUNCH: A Comedy Show.  We had a great run. We never charged for BRUNCH. There was no drink or food minimum. We even started serving dinner when the demand became great enough. Plus, the food and drinks were all fancy and delicious.  As with many LA ALT comedy shows, something or other came up and BRUNCHs time had run out. But hopefully unlike most LA ALT shows, it will be gone but NOT forgotten.  I know this whole to-do may seem like a lot for a show that only lasted less than a year, but screw you, this was special to me and I will memorialize it and show off all the amazing performers that graced BRUNCH with their presence.  I want to thank the Park Restaurant for giving us a home. They let us turn their lovely dining establishment into a comedy club once a week, and their wonderfully Echo Park-y restaurant was the perfect environment for some good ol fashioned LA ALT comedy.  I want to thank Abbey for uniting me and Jake Weisman. Thanks to Abbey, two floating comedy spirits looking to do a show found each other and immaculately concepted a baby BRUNCH show.  I also want to thank Jamie Lee for helping start and shape this magical show. Jamie always thanked me on stage, she always delivered, and I really appreciated it.  This show was a big learning experience for me. There were packed houses and nights where only the most dedicated of fans were there to see their favorites. And there were the hecklers.  Through it all was my co-producer and host, Jake Weisman. Jake set the stage for a fantastic comedy show every time. Jake calmed me down when I had panic attacks about no one showing up and everyone hating me. Jake wore cat shows. Jake and I will do another show in the future, but nothing will replace our first.  So thanks to everyone who ever came to a BRUNCH show. Thanks to everyone who ever retweeted or reblogged or talked about our BRUNCH show. Thanks to everyone who bought drinks and food at BRUNCH and helped keep us alive. Please enjoy all the photos of past shows here. But in cased you missed it, above is the final BRUNCH: A Comedy Show headliner, the illustrious Sean Patton. Thanks again to everyone for their love and support. Ill see you at the next show. - Sam Varela

5) Another thing to submit to that you’ll enjoy: The LA Film Festival.

6) Never seen the late Angelo Bowers do a set to see what everyone was talking about? Laughspin fixed that

7) Two of comedy’s most prolific photographers Robyn Von Swank and Liezl Estipona are selling prints of their work here and here, respectively.

8) On Episode 6 of This Better Be Funny, the podcast we chose to not be about comedy news because we got that covered here, hosts Jake Kroeger and Jeremy Paul try to have comedian Joe Braza as a guest, but get (thankfully) interrupted by other comedians, car sales, and other comedians leaving.

9) Riot LA: $10,438 of $20,000 with 24 days to go. They even got mentioned in the Nerdist!


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