Comedy Central Has Cancelled Moonbeam City

Well, Comedy Central has renewed a lot and ordered a lot more new stuff. It would seem inevitable that something had to give. Unfortunately, it was the neon-blazoned, over-the-top action comedy Moonbeam City from Scott Gairdner.

Gairdner himself posted a message this morning: 

Well, it’s time to let the sad cat out of the shit-covered bag. Comedy Central is not renewing Moonbeam City. It’s a gigantic bummer- this show was beyond a blast to make. We had enough ideas to last a bunch more seasons, and I’ll always be disappointed we didn’t get to see how fast this baby could really go.

I remain incredibly proud of these 10 episodes and the beautiful, brilliant work of the mad geniuses at Titmouse. To any fans reading this, thanks for joining the weird dumb adventures of Dazzle, Pizzaz, Chrysalis, Rad, Sizzle Conrad, Interrobot, Terabyte, Code, & Numbers. Your artwork and tweets and cosplay and even your porn meant so much to me. Please keep spreading the word- if the cult grows, maybe we’ll get to do another season in 15 years, when none of us are funny anymore.

Stay tuned- more dumb stuff to come.



We have no doubt that Gairdner has something else great in the works.