Another U.S. Military Branch Gets Mad at Another Comedian For Apparently Going Too Blue

Somehow, it’s a trend that comedians go on USO tours, perform for the Armed Forces around the world and are given some ridiculous parameters, which they sometimes end up ignoring when it’s clear that the troops don’t want to hear comedy run through too many censors. You can get a good sense of that if you’ve ever observed a military barracks or a mess hall and see servicemen and servicewomen joking around and that’s usually why that comedians that sense that they can go blue and do, pretty much get big laughs.

A U.S. Air Force Colonel has just called out comedian Mitch Fatel of one performance at a base in the UK for offensive material, though, according to Fatel, his shows were billed with “adult themes” and had great audiences responses.  

Looks like the U.S. Air Force didn’t read Jackie Kashian’s Guide to Hiring a Comedian For Your Function.