Help 4 Comics Break New Ground/At the Very Least, Have a Great Album Taping

Tonight at the Westside Comedy Theater, 4 LA based comedians, Nick Rutherford, Paul Danke, Cornell Reid, and Jade Catta Preta are all recording their own “mini-albums”. It’ll be recorded both in audio and video form leaving the method of distribution as well as the portions of which they’ll be released completely up to them, as stand-up comedy should be. 

It’s at 7:30PM and it’s free AND at the very least you’ll get to enjoy the comedy A-game of Rutherford, a Fresh Face from JFL Montreal 2011, Danke & Reid, both part of one of favorite shows in LA, The Comedy Garage, and Comedy Store paid regular, Jade Catta Preta. Come be part of a the changing dynamic of the business of comedy/have a lovely Tues. night in Santa Monica on the Promenade.