Please Get Mike Bridenstine’s Debut Comedy Album “The Hungry Wolf Hunts Best”


Often in comedy, people mistakenly assume that just being honest makes for the best comedy. Honesty is a great source and motivator for comedic material, but comedians still have to do plenty of work and exhibit a high level of craftsmanship to make honest stories from their life into refined bits of comedy.

Mike Bridenstine indeed draws from the well of his own life, whether it be being married to a black woman as a white man or witnessing one of the greatest bull fights of all time, but has also spent many years working on those stories like a fine aged whiskey on this debut album, The Hungry Wolf Hunts Best

You should also note that Mike recorded this album on a single night with no edits like you were there. Such things are increasingly rare in comedy albums these days, but this hour from Bridenstine seems to be all the better for it.

The Hungry Wolf Hunts Best comes out this Friday, August 11th from AST Records, but you can pre-order it on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play now.

P.S. these promo videos for the album are pretty sweet.