Mike Birbiglia Turns “Tip Your Waitstaff” Into Podcast “Working It Out”

At the advent of lockdown because of COVID-19, Mike Birbiglia opted to aid comedy venues’ staff with his IG live-stream Tip Your Waitstaff where he and other notable comedians would work on material together. It was an unprecedented look into the comedy writing process both in form and tone that really hasn’t been seen or heard outside of being a comedian yourself that was taking part of the process. Also, it raised thousands and thousands of dollar for staffers that were furloughed.

Birbiglia discovered that within that process and recognizing that touring and doing shows, especially at his level, is a ways away, he could do something more with that Tip Your Waitstaff format. Thus, Working It Out was born (and released today). Birbiglia still engages back and forth with guests (the first three are Ira Glass, John Mulaney, and Jon Laster) on premises, bits, etc. and, like your Tip Your Waitstaff, is a look at the usually heavily guarded process of writing comedic material that you really ought to take a listen whether you’re a comedian or you’re fascinated by how comedians come up with.

Also, you won’t have to tune in on Instagram Live randomly to catch it’s happening in the middle of the day.

Get into Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out wherever you get into podcasts.