Michelle Wolf’s “Joke Show” Netflix Special Shows That She’s Sticking Around for Awhile


Michelle Wolf and her comedy will always persevere. That seems to be the spirit of her latest special Joke Show, which began streaming on Netflix last week.

Though she was the last comedian to host the White House Correspondents Dinner (they have a historian do it now so Trump can be less whiny?), Wolf continues to put forth stellar writing in her stand-up that really dances around the “line”, a thing she has quite the penchant for. It’s a great reminder that comedy’s time honored tradition of not having “sacred cows” (even if the same sacred cows keep getting knocked down a peg) can still work in 2019.

Also, somehow, we feel like this is a tangentially a great reminder that Trump’s a wimp and can’t take a joke and that Wolf should be more lauded for never backing down.