Meryl Streep Set to Play One of the Worst Opera Singers of All Time

(via Deadline)

Even with her turn and a capable singing voice in Mamma Mia, acting demigod Meryl Streep’s next project will have her playing the role of Florence Foster Jenkins in a biopic directed by award winning director Stephen Frears.

Jenkins, a real figure in 1940s New York high society, was widely regarded as a terrible singer, but she got to sing opera as a career as she was a wealthy heiress. Audiences still turned turning out for her performances, presumably to see how bad it really was. 

The story will follow her manager/partner keeping up the illusion that she has a great voice, so, we think there should be a good bit of comedy to come out of this movie.

Also, if you’re wondering how bad a singer Jenkins was, notice how you’ll cringe at her botching Mozart.