For Charity, El-P Willing to Make Cat Sound Filled Remix of Run The Jewels 2

Though covering developments in the rap game might sound a little off-brand for us, the idea that a rapper would be willing to do a remix of his upcoming album with just cat sounds made us laugh pretty hard. 

So, here’s us telling you about the amazing Kickstarter that’s raising money to make a remix of Run The Jewels 2, the to-be-released album from Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike), with cat sounds.

Appropriately, it’ll be titled “The Meow The Jewels Package” and while they’re asking for a cool $45,100 on Kickstarter by the end of October, El-P has promised that, upon the money being raised, he’ll make the album and donate all the proceeds to charity.

Support charity and make perhaps one of the most awesome, fun rap albums ever.