Megan Koester’s Debut Album “Tertium Non Datur” Is As Fearless It Could Be and We Love It All The More For That


Megan Koester might have just raised the bar in fearlessness in comedy. This debut album Tertium Non Datur (translates from Latin to “Third Party”) puts everyone on notice, especially when it comes to comedy and the patriarchal non-sense that has pervaded throughout the art form’s entire existence, with Megan’s fiercely unapologetic, meta, layered bits and asides. 

The spirit of this album truly speaks to the punk rock ethos that comedy is supposed to have, but without any victim blaming or shock-for-shocks-sake that some edgy comedians might make the mistake of doing. After enjoying the seemingly off-the-cuff ride Koester took us on, we were left with a certain thrilling feeling of what Koester might do or say next or even what might happen when certain people hear this album. It has been quite some time since we felt that way.

We also love that this might be the first comedy album that comes with a Thesaurus so that you aren’t lost on any of Megan references.  

Tertium Non Datur is available now from AST Records and you can and very much should get it here.