That Variety Show with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short Has a Greenlight at NBC

(via Variety)

Did it take the success of a few live TV musicals to convince executives they should finally pull the trigger on this one?

Talk of a variety show fronted by Maya Rudolph at NBC, then later sharing top billing with Martin Short, have been around for years now. In fact, Rudolph already did a solid one-off special as a sort of proof-of-concept of the show. Yet, movement on the show from where we’re standing looked minimal at best.

Finally, this variety show with two consummate all around comedic talents (sing, dance, be funny, etc.) is going to series starting sometime in May, probably right around when Saturday Night Live has its season finale. 

Speaking of which, we’re really anxious to see how a Maya and Martin variety show will fit in NBC’s comedy slate along side SNL.