What Was Supposed to Be  a Salvador Dali/Marx Brothers Movie Lives on a Graphic Novel “Giraffes on Horseback Salad”


Through the endless persistence of a Austin-based drive-in theater owner, one Josh Frank, a real screenplay that was supposed to be a collaboration between famed surrealist artist Salvador Dali and The Marx Brothers, gets to actually live on in a graphic novel adaptation from Frank, Heidecker (along with handpicked funny people by Heidecker), and artist Manuela Pertega. Appropriately (we suppose), it’s called Giraffes on Horseback Salad.

We got to see a bit of it live read last night at Dynasty Typewriter and it was delightfully kind of what we thought it would be: a rollicking surrealist journey filled with Marx Brothers gags and punchlines (The Sklar Brothers live reading as the Marx Brothers was truly a treat). 

At this point, you’re just going to have to dive in for yourself into Giraffes on Horseback Salad to see what a Dali x Marx Bros. collaboration would be. Go get the book and do so here.