Looks Like Martin Short Will Be Co-Hosting Maya Rudolph’s NBC Variety Show

(via TV Line)

For those of you hoping, praying, having your fingers crossed, etc. in the hopes that Maya Rudolph’s variety special would indeed turn into a full fledged series, it would seem that you could take a break.

Maya Rudolph hosted a variety special last year that was being thrown into consideration into being picked up for a series at NBC. After the premiere, progress for the series was kept quiet, but it turns out that it’s not only alive and well, but it might get the likes of Martin Short as a co-host who will be sharing top billing with Maya.

If this keeps going forward into a weekly series, we’re curious if it’ll take the months that SNL takes off or run concurrently with it. Either way, Rudolph and Short doing big, funny musical numbers should be fun and will probably be a big hit online.