Maria Bamford’s New Special “Old Baby” Delightfully Continues Her Mission of Inclusivity, Understanding, and Acceptance


Over the years, Maria Bamford has done comedy specials in theaters and in her house in front of her parents. However, she hasn’t done both in the same special until now.

In fact, Old Baby, her new special that is now streaming on Netflix, shows Maria doing stand-up in front of a bench, at a movie theater, at a bowling alley, in a nice, big theater in DTLA, and more. 

All of this, as far as we can see, lines up with Maria’s life-affirming comedy as it is bringing people from all walks of life, literally, together to enjoy Maria’s expert repertoire of characters and brilliant comedic distillation of her world view, farts and all.

Go enjoy Old Baby now and you just might feel better about the world for a little while.