Pick of the Day: Maria (Bamford) in the Morning (in LA) 1/29

If you’ve been going out to stand-up shows recently, you might have noticed that one and only, almost magical Maria Bamford has been popping up here and there. Throughout so much of this time, Maria has been a graceful presence that has not only kept her legendary comedy chops, but shepherded so many of us through the darkest times since 2020 (and probably even longer than that).

So, as always, any chance to see Maria, especially when she’s headlining, should not be missed, come hell, high water, COVID, etc. etc. There will be a chance to see Bamford headline Dynasty Typewriter near MacArthur Park bright and early this Saturday at 11AM PT, which, we’d bet, is the best way to start your weekend.

Tickets are only $10 right now and you best snag them while you still can.