Maria Bamford Delivers Another Fantastic Commencement Speech, Though This One Is a Bit More Meta

Three years ago, Maria Bamford delivered one of the best commencement speeches of 2017 when she helped pay off some student debt with her speaking fee and made her whole speech for the University of Michigan Class of 2017 centered on the gesture.

This year’s graduation season happens to coincide with the historic COVID-19 pandemic, making commencement speeches vastly different and more challenging to nail in such weird times. Still, Maria managed to pull off the speech that all classes of 2020 need right now and even get more abstract and meta with it. Even though it’s for Adult Swim as opposed to an actual educational institution, Bamford’s candor and honesty is, as it always is, simultaneously so beautiful and hysterical.

Please enjoy Maria Bamford’s episode of Adult Swim’s Commencement Speaker Series here.