“Maria Bamford: 20%” Is the Life Affirming, Honest, Vulnerable, and Beautiful Comedy Album You Want It To Be


Maria Bamford has carved out a very special niche in comedy through her ability to unflinchingly find the light beset in darkness (whether that be in regards mental illness, relationships, her place in comedy, etc.) and always crafts that into a wondrous tapestry of jokes, and observations. She also does this without a sense of ever being “edgy” or even trying for such a thing.

Her latest album, 20%, is another great exhibition of the artistry of Maria Bamford’s comedic lens and mastery of her voice, both literal and figurative. It’s almost unsurprising that you’ll feel better from listening to this hour because Maria is consistently just that good.

You can get Maria Bamford: 20% off of iTunes here.