Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Rights to Next Movie Where Greta Gerwig Is Figuring Out Life in NYC, “Maggie’s Plan” at TIFF

(via Variety)

Even though she was great in Greenberg, which is set in LA, Greta Gerwig is the go to NYC indie dramedy darling.

Frances Ha, Mistress America, and Lola Versus all follow Gerwig as she is going through some tumultuous phase of her life while in NYC and it’s proved to be a winning formula. 

So, in this latest edition of Greta in NYC called Maggie’s Plan from Rebecca Miller, Gerwig gets into a love triangle with a couple played by Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore and decides that she wants to be artificially inseminated as part of complicating the whole relationship. 

It was playing at The Toronto International Film Festival and got snatched up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics. We’d definitely like to see it in theaters soon as we’re still in the afterglow of how great Mistress America was.