Louis C.K. Nixing Jimmy Fallon’s Chances on “The Dana Carvey Show”, Performing Next to De Blasio With Poop In His Pants, and Coming Up in NYC Comedy

Louie is back Thurs. night, which brings another added treat of C.K. doing great rounds at late night and a bunch of fascinating, unfiltered interviews.

On The Tonight Show, Louis C.K. went one unbelievable story right after the other of being the head writer on the short lived Dana Carvey Show and making sure Jimmy Fallon, who apparently is hearing the story for the first time live on TV, didn’t get on the show, then detailing how had to go on stage with poop in his pants at a black tie event, stand alongside Mayor Bill De Blasio.

C.K. also reminisced about the harder, struggle-ridden days of doing stand-up in New York City both on The Tonight Show and in an in-depth interview with The Hollywood Reporter and how appreciative of it he is now.

Also, we’re pretty sure you can see a picture from Louis’ story about standing next to De Blasio with poop in his pants in the THR interview.