Louis C.K. Set to Write, Direct, and Star in Full-Length Feature “I’m a Cop”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

It would seem that C.K. is just really good at playing an awkward cop. 

With having a groundbreaking accomplishments with his stand-up, TV show, and web site, Louis C.K. has now set his sights back on one of his first loves, film.

C.K. will write, direct, and star, as is becoming a bit of his auteur signature, in “I’m A Cop” following the life of a bumbling volunteer cop who is goaded into becoming an actual cop after the passing of his mother, a decorated retired cop. Legendary producer Scott Rudin is on board for the project as well.

If you remember C.K. playing a cop on Parks and Recreation and attempting to play a cop in an episode of Louie, you know that C.K. might have something brilliant, yet again, up his sleeve.