Please Enjoy Possibly the Raunchiest and (Most Informative) Song About “Wine Country” from Lost Moon Radio

When it comes to Lost Moon Radio, you can count on high brow and low brow being so perfectly blended and balanced.

That’s exactly what you get with one of their brand new songs from their very first exclusively virtual show, Lost Moon Radio’s Doing Fine, from two months ago, Wine Country. We have not heard every rap song about wine, but we’re almost willing to bet money that the good folks at Lost Moon Radio came up with a hysterically dirty song about journeying through California’s storied wine country, performed flawless by Lauren Flans. Also, they made sure there are plenty of great facts and terminology that you learn along the way while bopping your head to so much wine based innuendo.

So, please enjoy Lost Moon Radio’s Wine Country here and maybe you can plan your own trip to live this fantasy far off in 2021.