Here’s the First of the Newest Batch of Looney Tunes Shorts “Dynamite Dance”

That’s right. The original Looney Tunes animated shorts are coming back again, trying to maintain their signature absurdity from their original 30s/40s counterparts and being updated for today’s sensibilities/audiences.

The Annecy Film Festival got to showcase many of these new Looney Tunes including this one, Dynamite Dance, that has been officially released on YouTube, directed by David Gemmill and written by Gemmill, Pete Browngardt, and Johnny Ryan. 

There is definitely spirit from the original Looney Tunes, but it’s interesting that this first one featuring iconic characters Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd without either one speaking. We are definitely curious who Warner Bros. has lined-up to follow the legendary Mel Blanc.

Most of us will just have to wait and see when the rest are released sometime in 2019.