The LEGO Batman Movie Keeps the Magic of the LEGO Movie Franchise Alive

Sure, The LEGO Movies are movies adapted from a legendary toy brand that previously didn’t have any sort of familiar narrative to speak of and had people skeptical how good can a movie just adapted from some plastic mini-bricks really be? 

Well, just like The LEGO Movie defied those expectations with flying colors, The LEGO Batman Movie defied our expectations that a movie adapted from a toy adaptation of DC’s Batman. 

Director Chris McKay and the team of writers including Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, Jared Stern, and John Whittington simultaneously celebrated and poked fun in a Deadpool-ish way (though far less “blue”) the mythology of Batman. We pretty much had the same sort of wondrous daze walking out of the theater after seeing The LEGO Movie.

The setting of The LEGO Movie universe just adds to the fun as they can mish-mash worlds without worrying too much about continuity that exists in source material because, well, it’s LEGO and not the actual DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, or LOTR cinematic universe.

Also, Will Arnett voicing a LEGO Batman is and Zach Galifianakis voicing a LEGO Joker is kind of perfect. 

So, go see what might be the most satisfying Batman movie in years and the long awaited next installment in the LEGO Movie series if you need to feel good about something today. 

Here are showtimes for The LEGO Batman Movie at a theater in LA near you.