Please Get Laura House’s Debut Album “Mouth Punch”


Comedian and writer Laura House has quite the resume for someone who is only releasing their first album, not to mention a long held respect from her peers. 

Having headlined in clubs for years and written for plenty of award winning TV shows, House’s comedic chops are undeniable at this point as one can clearly hear on this album entitled, Mouth Punch. She’s so incredibly comfortable and bubbly on stage that you almost forget that she’s comedically exploring some of the darker corners of her mind (including a bit about her sarcastic and cutting inner dialogue with herself). Oddly enough, House’s penchant for meditation, a topic she does shed some wonderful light on, probably has something to do with her calm throughout the storms of her own observations. 

Mouth Punch officially comes out tomorrow, but you can pre-order it on iTunes right now right here.

Album art work by Sara Pocock.