Pick of the Day: Laughing All the Way to The White House 10/20

As you may well know, Wisconsin is a major swing state. As such, there are plenty of big fundraisers that are going towards making sure it swings left.

One of them, Laughing All the Way to the White House, will be one of the biggest comedy live-stream fundraisers that we’ve seen yet. Slated for this Tue. Oc.t 20th at 6PM PT/8PM CT/9PM ET, the live-stream will feature the likes of: Sarah Silverman, Sarah Cooper, Seth MacFarlane, Kumail Nanjiani, Mike Birbiglia, Hasan Minhaj, Lewis Black, Bassem Youssef, Chelsea Peretti, Whitney Cummings, Judd Apatow, Roy Wood Jr, Maria Bamford, Harry Shearer, Bradley Whitford, Sklar Brothers, Mandy Patinkin, Ahmed Ahmed, Cristela Alonzo, Greg Proops, Jackie Kashian, Will Forte, Ben Gleib, and more.

That’s a line-up worth catching in support of almost any cause. Taking Wisconsin back for the left just happens to be a really great cause to boot.

Access to the live-stream is available via donation. Do so here.